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Related article: By: a345947240 aol. com ( A345947240 ) Subject: Ben and Dave hot cream... DAVE Date: 10 October 16, 1996 25th -0400 28 Thank you for your warm responses to my stories. Please keep off! hot cream Ben and Dave... DAVE When I lived in dorms my first year there was a guy who lived in the ground beneath me the name of Ben. This man was about 5'9 " (a few inches less than me), I weighed about 135 # and had olive skin and black hair. Everyone I was with Ben thought alternative was a American type. her hair in a style of skateboarding, yah know. While Ben had to do all that Ladies Man ( looks, intelligent, athletic ) succeeded in the rule to eliminate them, with his bad reputation, and his habit of all women bitches and hoes. Ben was the type of person that bind to a change of perspective students welcome groups, would be may take all students vulnerable in high school, college test N. in any case, I stop walking and come atthan sex. One night, Ben and I of the celebrations were tired all the time, so we just decided, in its fresh dorm room. As we sat around, we started talking about sex. " You know, Ben, I had my dick sucked for a long time. " Ben 's face lit. " To me it is a pity he could not aspire. If I could, I would. You know s what I mean ? " " Yes Ben, I know. I heard uh, uh I do. "I started to stutter," I will suck of Ls Models its tail. For. " " Fuck Yeah Dave. I knew I wanted to attract people. " I on the floor beside his bed, leaned over and opened Ben's pants foward. When he dropped his pants I Ls Models could just make the cock hardening between the legs. Ben unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. I had a full view in your body. No one had a bit of black hair around her nipples dark and then a faint trace of hair that runs from the navel, the step. Pass Ben, however, was another story. Man, I never had honest saw a bushy tail. I took her eight inches of my left hand ran, and my right hand through his deep forest of shame. If my fingers rubbed the pelvis, I lost sight of it. His pubic hair was so thick ! My hand slid to the pelvis and wraps around the base of the pipe thickness. with both hands I started pumping his cock up and down and saw his foreskin slide up and down his penis covered. My tongue slipped out of my mouth moist and touched the tip of Ben 's manhood. that has a pleasant taste of the pre-cum. With this taste still fresh in my mouth I let n my tongue in the side of the tail, and patted his hairy balls. then made ​​my way back to his penis and ran my tongue around the -slot opening. Ben grabbed my head and I pushed on his sword. suck with all their might, trying my mouth like a hot dog imagine pussy or better yet to fuck an ass of his cock, Ben came into my mouth. The fire crept into my throat, my senses overcumming with the idea of ​​ in cum! I sat on the floor and saw Ben, who appeared as if hand wanted to more. Much more. " Get out of Dave. " I did what I said, stripped from him. Once naked, Ben had me standing at the foot of his bed. took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me at a dizzying pace. mouth Ben moved the incredibly fast on my cock. Regarding pumping y massage balls, I started to cum. Ben took the tail in the mouth while I was running and rubbed the remaining shots and dribbling of sperm all over her pouty lips. E Ls Models n on my knees to my lover, and gave him a passionate Ls Models French kiss. Wrapped in the arms in bed with Ben, he continued to kiss. Ben s hands went up to my ass and his finger found my ass again. that began with two fingers in and out of my pussy male. I turned to my stomach and Ben came up behind me. He opened my legs and buttocks n and started licking her ass. I knew what it was and certainly no Ben enough to put a hand on my shoulder, as he leaned into my possession ass His cock was so damn difficult. The stiff penis made ​​its way into the first , and stood a few inches of my butt. I felt relaxed, began to Ben of work according to the customs duty to my hole until his pubes were tickling the Ls Models back. I think Ben was not really much ass fucked before, because I disappointment not think he expected that there are so difrent A whore wife. He shot his load too fast. Oh, well. Ben got up, put on some underwear and ran to the bathroom. I was lying on his the bed, closed my eyes and stroked my cock a little. Soon I heard the door open and Ben returned. But to my surprise, had a blonde girl with n him. I did not want to waste time with the introduction of Ben began helping This girl of her clothes. I later learned that his name was icholas n. She was a little short, about 5'4 "and his hair was dyed blonde. Nichole was very pale and had a dark hill covered in pus. Honest that was not my type, but when cool enough to handle We had to sleep, why not?Once you got into bed with us, she started kissing me gently on the neck and chest. He curled up next to me and Ben put on both. that spent some time just rubbing our bodies together generate hot add and a dripping wet pussy. Ben slipped our body and buried her Nichole head in his crotch. She closed her eyes and began to moan in the the purest pleasure. I also dropped a bit and started sucking nipples , playing with everyone. Nichole grabbed my cock with one hand free, , and began to stroke it. She pulled him towards her and I knew she wanted to in the mouth. I was on my knees and gave my flesh. Sex after Ben had to leave again - soon. I saw my chance, as assembled and pushed Ben Nichole your body in an n cum party. Standing on the floor, I stroked my cock and looked at the two sex Fucking Hell. I climbed back into bed and went to behind the two. Spit on my cock I started to push Ben 's ass. I needs more lubricantso rubbed his hand over dirty semen was Nichole production. Then I tried to get into Ben 's tight ass again and succeeded in up halfway. Ben moaned in pain as I was beating my pud in her ass s. Soon I was Ls Models ready to Ben and he gave his lame devil punish me. Ben's ass causing a stir when he slipped cousin Nichole, the ass of his s tight. I tried to go through a few minutes but it felt too and broke, sending small streams of Ben 's sperm. And you know what ? We did not sleep all night.
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